Member Survey - 2021 Spring

General Info

Please send important messages by text.
What is the best way to communicate with you?


Do you feel you get value for your business from your membership?
How do you communicate with HMTA?
How often do you receive contacts from customers who found your business through the HMTA website?
Do you know what services you receive as a member of HMTA?
Do you post content to social media?
Do you post content to social media for your business?
If provided a template to create advertising posts, would you want HMTA to push these posts to our followers?
Do you advertise?
How do you advertise?
Are you interested in advertising your business?
Are you interested in hosting an open house/event at your business?
Are you aware of HMTAs involvement with workforce development for the marine trades in Homer?
Are you interested in building a website for your business through HMTA?